By Melanie Kreifels

When you were a little girl, what were your dreams?  Was there a love story in your dreams, maybe children, thriving career or travel?  We each have dreams that are influenced by our families, where we grew up, life circumstances, etc. but how many of us dreamed of living financially secure or where money “wasn’t an issue”?  For some of us finances were a big part of our dreams, but for some it wasn’t even considered.  Wherever you land, one thing is for certain that finances aren’t something we can escape and for the majority of us is a big part of our adult lives.  Whether I’ll have enough money at the end of the month or even the end of my life for care (medical, nursing home, etc.) is a reality we face.  How do we prepare?

In recent years, women have become greater influencers in the financial world—give examples here.  We are owning our own companies, leading Fortune 500 companies, working out of our homes all while balancing work and family.  However, some continue to work day to day, week to week, month to month grasping just to get by until they start all over again. 

At Smart Women Smart Money, our goal is for women to feel empowered and educated to make sound decisions for themselves and their families.  We need to support, encourage and make connection to other women in the same boat or someone who has walked a similar path but is now on the other side of the struggle.  One of the greatest assets women can offer is support for each other and building each other up!  What a powerful legacy to share with your family of getting finances in order to secure the next generation.  Talk about a dream becoming a reality, knowing that your finances are all prepared for your family after your death or planning for retirement so your children don’t have to worry about taking care of you financially in your later years.  These are dreams we don’t often consider, but what an incredible gift to offer those you love!  Watch for our blog updates on strategies that experts in the financial arena lend tips on building a financially sound future, no matter your income level.   Our goal is these bits of encouragement reach you more often than the annual conference in your area and to keep us motivated!

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