Breakout Session Info – Arkansas

Connect & Grow, Friday, February 28th, 2020

PLEASE NOTE: The 2021 Conference Breakout Sessions will be coming soon! Below is last year’s breakout sessions.

Breakout Session  1  – 11:00AM to 11:50AM



Budgeting 101


Your financial goals are important to you and it’s natural to sometimes wonder if you’re ever going to get there. To help build your financial confidence and keep on track during your journey, come learn about the fundamentals of creating a budget.



Saving for Education: The Ins and Outs of a 529 Plan


Take a deep-dive to learn more about how a 529 college savings plan can help you or your loved one save for college, technical, vocational training, and other educational expenses. Hear from industry experts as well as representatives from the state’s 529 plan.



Avoiding Identity Theft and Preventing Fraud


Identity thieves are real and looking for every opportunity to steal yours. We will talk about ways to be proactive and prevent falling victim to fraud. Learn about some common sense steps you can take to protect yourself and your family.



Becoming a proactive planner: What is an estate plan, a living will, and why should I have one?


Have you thought about your assets and personal possessions and who would get them after you are gone? Sometimes life events force us to address life issues we would rather not. In this workshop, we talk about decisions you should make now to alleviate a burden later to your loved ones. We will cover factors you should consider when passing on your possessions, goals you want to accomplish, distribution options and consequences, and conflict resolution.

Breakout Session  2  – 1:00PM to 1:50PM



Know your credit score? Tips to improve your FICO score before making a major purchase


Understanding your credit score is essential to getting the best interest rate when purchasing a house or an automobile. In this session, learn what activities impact your credit score negatively and positively and how to avoid common mistakes right before making a major purchase.



Weathering the Storm: Navigating your long term financial plan no matter the forecast


Are your investments needing attention before a big storm? Whatever the global market forecast and frenzy – Examine your portfolio with a careful and disciplined approach to building, maintaining, and transitioning your wealth.



What to do when Mom or Dad dies


It is never easy to lose a parent — it’s even more difficult when you are named executor of the estate or power of attorney. Learn about the difference between the two and how to navigate issues regarding the death tax, life insurance, executing wills and estate plans.



Planning Ahead: What types of insurance make sense for you?


Insurance may be one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make. Find out how much you need, and how your family will benefit. You will also learn about different products and types of insurance including, life, long term care, and disability.

Breakout Session  3  – 2:00PM to 2:50PM



Defeating Debt: Freedom to live within your means


Learn about practical ways to pay off debt — the difference bad debt and good debt, and how to create a fund for those unexpected emergencies that we all face. We will also talk about the dangers of various pay day loan programs.



Saving for the Future: It’s Never Too Early, It’s Never Too Late! 


Finding creative ways now to build your assets up for later in life. Help understand the emotional attachment that can be just as powerful to save as it is to spend. Learn how to teach this valuable lesson to your children.



Investing 101 – Getting Started is Half the Battle


Learn about some of the best types of savings and investing tools. Learn about the power of compound interest as we discuss 401K’s, 403b’s, Roth IRA’s, and IRA’s.



From Idea to Action – How to Start a Business


What are some of the factors to consider when starting a small business? What is the difference between a C-Corp and a LLC? Where do I look for help in creating a business plan? Are there SBA loans or other financing options for my business?

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