Breakout Session Information – Moscow, ID

Breakout Session  1  – 11:00AM to 11:50AM


Money Makeover


How to organize, automate and re-evaluate your finances.

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How to Be a Credit Score Millionaire!


This session is guaranteed to save you money! Did you know that your credit score is no longer used only by lenders? Many other industries are also using credit scores to “judge” your level of responsibility and to determine acceptance and rates. These industries include insurance companies, landlords, private school admissions, utility companies, elective medical service providers and even employers! In this interactive workshop, we will play while we learn about positive financial behaviors and low-cost strategies for establishing and building a credit score that can save you thousands. The difference between a score of 808 and 638 can cost you about $1,000 a month. Come and learn how to improve your score!


Love Lasts Forever, But Life Doesn’t! How Do We Prepare Ourselves Financially for Big Life Changes?


Two startling statistics should cause us to rethink how involved we are in family finances- 70% of all married women will experience widowhood, and 80% of women will die.


Investment Fraud – Avoid Becoming a Victim


Learn about various scams frequently involving investment fraud including common characteristics and tactics of fraudsters.  This session will provide examples of the red flags of fraud and how to research the registration status of agents and investments.  Attendees will learn about actual cases involving Idaho fraudsters and who to contact if they believe they are a victim.

Breakout Session 2 – 1:00PM to 1:50PM


Becoming a proactive planner: What is an estate plan, a living will, and why should I have one?


Have you thought about your assets and personal possessions and who would get them after you are gone? Sometimes life events force us to address life issues we would rather not. In this workshop, we talk about decisions you should make now to alleviate a burden later to your loved ones. We will cover factors you should consider when passing on your possessions, goals you want to accomplish, distribution options and consequences, and conflict resolution.


Budgeting 101 – Creating a Spending Plan


Getting into debt or living paycheck to paycheck is the unfortunate reality for many.  This informative workshop will cover the basic concepts of budgeting, and will help to eliminate the fear and mystery behind creating and maintaining a budget. Participants will learn the tools to begin creating their own financial plan to achieve short and long term money goals.


Avoiding Identity Theft and Preventing Fraud


Learn how to recognize and refuse the persuasion tactics most commonly used by con artists. You’ll gain timely tips and valuable resources to help you spot and avoid identity theft and fraud so you can protect yourself and your family.


For High School & College Students

Your Goals and Your Vision:  Working Together!


Imagine your future and find your purpose.  Follow our 12 question worksheet to help define what’s important to you and create a vision board that will be a daily reminder of your future.  Start your bucket list of 100 goals as you brainstorm with other attendees and compare ideas.  Check our recommended website to help you track your progress and create your future self.

Breakout Session 3 – 2:00PM to 2:50PM


Start Up Funding: YES, It’s Out There!


Learn the essentials in Starting a Business. This session will include the path to financing, how to make a comprehensive business plan, what types of SBA loan programs are out there, what SBA & banks look for in a business, and what resources are available!


 What women want: To Have it All – Work – Life Balance


Join Stacey Swift to hear how you can achieve work-life balance while juggling friends, family and maintaining an active personal life. You’ll also take away great tips for budgeting and how to advance your career including how to ask for a salary that you are worth.  


For High School & College Students

Building a Solid Foundation for a Prosperous Financial Future


Understanding the roadblocks to financial success will help you decide, believe and begin your path to financial freedom.  Take our “money quiz” that will help you better understand money.  We’ll share tips that help you achieve your financial goals in a fun and interactive class, sharing successes and ideas for a successful financial future.

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